I'm born (1960) and grown up in Vienna / Austria. For the time I'm living with my family (hubby, three children and one dog) in Northern Norway. Actually north from the Arctic Circle ........... guess who's freezing all the time - LOL!
Of course I'm missing my home country, but I try to visit Austria and my family there regularly.

My first camera (and my second one too!) I "inherited" from my father. He has always liked to take pictures and was really glad that I had the same interest in photography as he had.
I guess I also got infected with this kind of "travel fever" from him .............. I really love traveling around ............ with my camera following me!
In my early 20th I've been a lot around in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Lately there haven't been to many trips to foreign countries, so I just take my camera and take photos from my surroundings.

In the summer 2001 I bought my first own camera (I'm talking about SLR camera, and not the usual compact cameras!), a Canon EOS 300 with a 28-90mm objective. And guess what Santa, the same year, had in his sack for me .................. a suitable 75-300mm objective. What more could I wish - LOL!
In the meantime I've got another camera - a Canon Powershot S50, and I really have to admit, that I love this digital camera. :))

Here's a link to a picture of me, but be warned ............... it's a caricature, which was painted by a local street artist in Mallorca (2001). That's not actually me - it's more like they say: "In every fat person, there's a slim person which wants to come out!" (The painter was more than kind with me ............. he painted my inner slim person - LOL!)

By the time writing this last sentence ... July 2011 ... I'm using my Canon EOS 400D, which I got in February 2007 - late, but very appreciated, Christmas gift  :)